Opening windows

Opening windows for new opportunities

You have experienced this before... 


You are in a foreign country and face the unknown world: new culture, new language, and other customs... For sure it’s exciting but in the long-term your personal success depends on the strategy taken.


Social Media, trade agreements, the digital transformation and technological progress make the internationalisation even more accessible than before. However, the cultures we are dealing with haven’t changed much. 


As expatriate or as enterprise you have to reinvent yourself without loosing your identity. What a challenge!




RP Creative Culture Consulting seeks to stimulate intercultural and economic exchange, facilitate the adaptation to a foreign country and inspire people to go beyond the limits. 

RP Consulting is here :

  • You want to expand internationally with your business or start-up 

  • You need advices related to business strategy and cultural differences 

  • You want to realize a project in a foreign country

  • You need to know where to start 

  • You want to innovate and look for the brilliant idea that open doors

Our Partners 

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