If we could "beam" ourselves somewhere else...

To be there or not to be there: the existential question of expats and the open doors for innovation

Especially in this time of the year we have the impression we have to be everywhere with everyone simultaneously. Family, work, friends, leisure… We need to split ourselves in two or more in order to find the balance and satisfaction. For expats the challenge is even bigger as these events happen in different countries and even on different continents. We have to make choices… or maybe not?  

Obviously I was not the only one who though it could be great to be somewhere else without moving an inch. In the last decades the technological development has been progressing almost at lightning speed. From huge computers in the 80s to tiny smartphones, there is still no limit for progression. We can even talk with machines and get a medical diagnosis from them. The artificial intelligence won’t stop surprising us no matter what we think or do.

The technological evolution follows our needs and offers us new possibilities. Otherwise as expats how can we find the balance between two countries?

For sure we wouldn’t have believed 15 years ago that we could send a video to the other side of the planet without using any wires. Actually this urge for technological development is essential not only for established enterprises but also for start-ups. Through open innovation companies maintain competitive advantage by satisfying the needs of today’s society. They have to stay up-to-date, cooperate with research institution and perceive what people really desire. When the existent product or service overlooks a specific segment of consumers, disruptive innovation comes into play and surprise the competition without being a threat. In the end the goal is to offer what the competition doesn’t have and to keep the exclusivity by protecting its patents and stay inimitable as long as possible. 

So if I want to celebrate Christmas on two continents, I can open my computer and select a program that enables me to be there virtually and to "feel" the atmosphere. I hear the music, see the people, talk to them and laugh about their reaction when they open their gifts. The presents have been already sent a week ago. I just have to prepare my own turkey or meat pie and will simulate the “cling cling” when it comes to clink our glasses. Well, that’s not bad at all… before I can “beam” myself one day…

Or do you have a better idea? There is place for creativity, as it is needed everywhere in the world...  

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