Time to rethink our path to flourish again

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What seems to be complicated to manage can be the opportunity to create.

I take my sports shoes and run in the park to get fresh air, endorphin and new inputs. I tend of believe those who say it is hard to find peacefulness and creative ideas when you are locked in your apartment all day long or when you have just lost your job. Then you hear people saying more and more: "Let's be creative! Let's find a solution!" However, can it be possible to change everything you have settled in and be creative? Where should you start? What's happening next?

Emotions and desires

are the essence of our needs,

which trigger the creative process

and help us to trace the new path.

First, we need to realize the situation, take into account our resources and take a deep breath. While we see the wall approaching and stopping us from our daily work, we need to slow down and look around. The fact that we are hindered to do something does not mean that we have also lost our capacity to think, feel and observe.  As Datta (2020) said in his new article, everybody, people and enterprises, "can creatively respond to the crisis and will not only survive but flourish".

Indeed there are already lots of good examples: Distilleries such as Cirka produce now disinfectant; cloth manufacturers collaborate with other material suppliers to produce personal protective equipment; hotels and restaurants in the UK such as Rosewood London cook for medical workers; Canadian experts in LED effect in the entertainment industry such as PixMob create SafeWatch and Triago to avoid the risk of contagion. A simple LED wristband reminds people to wash their hands at a given frequency or connects objects with their owners. A worldwide hackathon stimulates A.I. developers to create new technologies to control the disease outbreak.    

Organizations change their operational process by switching from the vertical integration to a supply chain. They don't do everything by themselves but look for other business partners. They spread out of their comfort zone to explore opportunities. They make brainstorming, cooperate with partners from other industries and try to satisfy society's needs. They develop new products and broaden their portfolio.

Creativity involves

connecting the dots

where the links

are not obvious.

This way you will not only survive,

but also flourish again.

Likewise, you can do this too. First, make yourself comfortable at a sunny place in a sunny spot at home and do some sport to leverage your endorphin and to get your circulation going. Then ask yourself these questions and write down or record what is coming to your mind: What are my resources? Do I have talents, people and material I can work with? What am I good at? What do I sometimes get praised for? Then put yourself in other people's shoes and write down what you have observed: What do people and institutions around me need? What is stopping them from completing their goal? What is missing in their supply chain? Then bring both counterparts together and make new combinations.          

What can I do? vs. What do they look for?

What do I have? vs. What do they need?

If you are used to concoct your meal out of what you have in your refrigerator, you might find this exercise easier than those who prefer to follow strict recipes. The differences between these two kinds of decision-making processes are called "effectuation" and "causation" (Sarasvathy, 2001) and characterize the way entrepreneurs solve problems. It is also important to know that the solution is not necessarily a revolutionizing product. It can also be a new service or a different way to process things.

To realize this, you also need time, communication und positive vibes. If you require support, we are there for you. I have 15 years working experience in entrepreneurship, internationalisation, import/export, patent management and new technologies   such as artificial intelligence (A.I.) and speech recognition systems. I can help you configure your creative thinking process and your strategic implementation. While you plan this new concept realistically in terms of marketing, operations and investment, you have to set short-terms and lang-terms goals. You also need to be clear with your mission. My partner Geneviève Retzlaff can support you with your personal and professional development. She has  years working experience in coaching and talent management. Moreover she knows the entertainment industry very well and believe in the fact that you can feel fulfilled by staying authentic. I suggest you to read her current blog titled "How to strengthen your leadership muscles in un precedent times

We offer you a first coaching session of 60 minutes for free and would be happy to help you find the solution and flourish again.

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Mélody Roussy-Parent MBA

RethinkPath Creative Culture Consulting


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